Served Everyday ’til 3:00pm (4pm on the weekends)

Fresh Croissant                              3.50
With house jam & cream cheese      4.50
Savoury meat or veggie                     6.50

Bebida Brekkie Muffin                  9.50
With free range bacon, over easy fried egg, smashed avo and tomato relish

Huevros Rancheros                          15.50
With fried eggs, fresh guacamole, sour cream, tomato salsa and jalapeno peppers

Home made Hash Cakes              14.00
Free range bacon, spinach and aioli
Smoked salmon, spinach and wasabi aioli
Grilled mushrooms, spinach and aioli

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Smash     14.50
With poached eggs, spinach, dukkah, Meredith’s goat’s feta and pine nuts on wholemeal

Silverbeet and Artichoke Fritters          15.50
With poached eggs, heirloom tomato, baby beets, radish and roquette salad

Grilled Halloumi                            12.00
On chilli buttered sourdough with soft poached eggs, spinach, pesto and roasted mushrooms

The Big One                                       19.00
With poached eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, mushrooms, local sausage, homemade tomato relish and sourdough toast

Vege vege vege oie oie oie!               19.00
With poached eggs, smashed avo, grilled tomato, asparagus, mushrooms, hash brown, homemade tomato relish and sourdough toast

Kid’s Breaky                                      6.50
1 egg anyway with bacon and buttered toast
(kids only guys!!)

Free Range Eggs                                8.00
2 eggs anyway on sourdough or English muffins

Extra egg – Extra toast – Grilled tomato– Tomato relish            2.00
Wild mushrooms – Leaf spinach
Hash cakes -Bacon        3.00
Local sausage – Smoked salmon – Grilled Halloumi 4.00
Smashed Avo – Meredith goat’s cheese –Black Pudding     4.50


Bottled Drinks
Soft drinks 3.50
SOHO organic drinks  4.50
Cocobella 0oconut water 4.80

Freshly squeezed to order and served over ice 5.50

Lemon, orange, rockmelon and ginger
Carrot, celery and beetroot


Blueberry and banana with chia seeds
Kale, spinach, almond butter and coconut water

Hot Stuff

Loose leaf tea in One or Two Person pots 3.50/6.50
English breakfast, Earl Grey with rose, Green, Organic mint, Hojicha green,
Black velvet, cake walk, east of eden, buccaneer
All our Teas are from Serendipitea of Melbourne

Freshly Ground Sensory Lab Coffee 3.80/4.50

And Why Not?

Bloody Mary, Maria or Casanova 15.00
Whether you are hung over or want to be tomorrow these are the dogs!
A blend of spirits, spices and loads of other good stuff, check the board for full details